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The innuPREP DNA Mini Kit 2.0 has been designed as a very efficient tool for fast isolation of genomic DNA from a wide range of starting materials like whole blood (fresh or frozen blood; stabilized with EDTA or citrate, from common blood collection systems), tissue, rodent tails, eucaryotic cells, bacterial cell cultures as well as buccal swabs.

from € 31.50

The innuPREP MP Basic FFPE RNA Kit has been designed as a tool for very fast and efficient isolation of total RNA (including microRNA) from FFPE samples. The extraction procedure is based on a new kind of chemistry, which combines an efficient lysis step with a subsequent effective binding of total RNA on a magnetic particles surface, followed by washing of the bound RNA and final elution of the RNA. 

from € 115.50

The innuPREP MP Basic Kit A was developed for isolating viral/bacterial DNA and/or RNA from various cell-free body fluids. The separation technology is based on a novel extraction chemistry that allows users to simultaneously bind DNA and RNA to the surface of functionalized magnetic particles, thereby combining the steps of first lysing the starting material and then binding the nucleic acids to magnetic beads. 

from € 147.00

The innuPREP MP PME cfDNA Kit is based on a new technology, called: PME – Polymer Mediated Enrichment. The procedure does not start with sample lysis, like commonly used methods or kits. The first step is capturing of free-circulating DNA with a special polymer. Subsequently the captured free-circulating DNA is dissolved in a special lysis buffer and then the DNA is extracted.

from € 120.00