The Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex is a versatile bench-top instrument for automated extraction for 24 or 96 samples per run. It provides consistent extraction and purification of DNA and RNA with midum to high throughput.


Kits for KFFLX

innuPREP -SE KFFLX kits based on SmartExtraction technology as well as innuPREP - KFFLX and KFml  kits with non-filled magnetic beads based on DC-technology are suitable for the KingFisher Flex extraction devices. 

Magnetic particle-based extraction

Magnetic Particle based (non-filled)

Automated extraction with KFFLX

When performed KingFisher Flex extractor, extraction is fully automated, yielding highly reproducible results for up to 96 samples. It performs all of the processing for lysis, for subsequent isolation steps and for final elution. Extraction of DNA/RNA 2.0, RNA Virus Plus, Blood DNA, Virus RNA,, Forensic kits, Bacteria, Food,  Virus DNA/RNA etc.


Smart extraction


Automated Extraction with KFFLX

SmartExtraction technology is also available for Blood&Eukaryotic Cells UHMW DNA Kit, Blood direct HMW DNA Kit, HMW DNA Kit

Plates, Plate sets and Tubes

Plates, plate sets and tubes

Accessories for KFFLX

DW Plate, Elution Plate 200ul, KF96 Tip Comp (Plastic for Anipath Kit)