Are you looking for a fast and sensitive method for the identification of microorganisms in food samples, or do you need to identify undeclared ingredients of animal origin?


  • Food Pathogen Assays
  • Animal species Assays
  • Water Pathogen Assays
  • Internal Control DNA/RNA Assay

All approaches at a higher level are suspect until confirmed at the molecular level.

Francis Crick - Co-winner of Nobel Prize for deciphering the genetic code


Assays for food safety control

Food Pathogen Assays

Thanks to developments in molecular biological techniques, IST Innuscreen‘s solutions minimize the analysis time with minimal personnel effort and reduce the costs incurred while taking into account the quality requirements of today‘s daily laboratory routines.

Benefit from the new TaqMan®-based innuDETECT Food Pathogen Assays, which enable specific analysis for a range of pathogens encountered in food control applications. DNA extraction using our novel technologies and subsequent application of IST Innuscreen‘s innuDETECT Food Pathogen Assays, based on lyophilized master mixes, make the daily use easy and secure.The reproducible real-time PCR results are characterized by very good efficiency, detected in the FAM channel. The artificial internal control integrated in the assays can be used as extraction as well as amplification control and is detected in the HEX channel.

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Assays for Animal species detection

Animal species assays

Assurance of optimal food quality and meeting international standards are important challenges in the food industry. This includes identification of undeclared ingredients of animal origin.

Reliable, precise and fast approaches such as real-time PCR are increasingly important within this area. The innuDETECT Species ID Assays are a novel TaqMan®-based product line enabling a highly sensitive analysis of e.g. pork, beef, donkey, goat, chicken, turkey and fish DNA.The assays use the FAM channel for specific detection of the target DNA and also have an artificial internal control (IC), which can be used both as an extraction and as an amplification control and is detected in the HEX channel. A universal set-up of these kits in combination with uniform PCR protocols allows simultaneous examination of several targets with different innuDETECT Species ID assays.

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Water Pathogen Assays

The qualitative and quantitative identification of different microbiological organisms plays a decisive role in monitoring water quality. This applies to drinking water, industrial water and surface water.

Regardless of whether it is a matter of determining the total bacterial load, detecting organisms as a key indicator of hygiene or potential contamination - the innuDETECT Water Pathogen Assays offer a range of excellent detection assays based on real-time PCR. Highly specific TaqMan® probes allow sensitive detection of the corresponding target organism from extracted DNA by detection in the FAM channel.

The internal controls also included in the assay offer maximum security with regard to the validation of the results obtained. In addition to reliably detecting isolated pathogens such as Clostridium perfringens or Yersinia enterocolitica using the corresponding innuDETECT assays, the differentiation of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila can be determined efficiently in just one PCR reaction. The innuDETECT Bacteria Quantification Assay also provides reproducible semi-quantitative analysis of the general bacterial load.

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Internal Control DNA/RNA Assay

Internal Control DNA/RNA Assay

The innuDETECT Internal Control DNA/RNA Assay is a highly sensitive, selective tool for detecting internal DNA and RNA controls. The assay is based on a TaqMan exonuclease assay that yields qualitative and quantitative information for verifying results. Using HEX as a reporter fluorophore makes the assay suitable for multiplex applications. The innuDETECT Internal Control DNA / RNA Assay is universally compatible with all commercially available real-time rapidPCR thermocyclers and with PCR thermocyclers that use a HEX test channel.

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