Highly efficient and accurate, IST Innuscreen's wide product range and technologies are the lifeline for any lab involved in nucleic acid extraction and detection. 

The business areas are based on several unique technology platforms for the isolation and purification of nucleic acids, extraction of high molecular weight DNA for NGS applications, and enrichment of biomolecules such as cell-free nucleic acids, viruses, phages or subcellular particles. These platforms are protected by 38 patents and patent applications.


  • Spin-filter based manual extraction
  • PME based manual extraction
  • Magnetic particle based manual extraction
  • SmartExtraction 
  • Target concentration

Manual Extraction Technologies

Spin filter-based DC-technology

Spin filter-based DC-Technology

Our well-established nucleic acid extraction is the patented Dual-Chemistry (DC)- Technology. At the heart of DC-Technology is the highly efficient binding of DNA to solid phases without a high salt concentration. Instead, a combination of chaotropic and non-chaotropic salts with low ionic strength is used, enabling the development of optimized lysis and new binding buffers.

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Magnetic particle-based extraction

Magnetic particle-based extraction

DC-Technology is also suitable for well established magnetic particle separation, with the same outstanding advantages described for spin filter nucleic acid extraction

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Smart extraction

Smart Extraction

SmartExtraction significantly accelerate and simplifies the entire extraction procedure. It is designed to be platform independent and can be used and adapted for any liquid handling system. This method has a minimal risk of shearing the DNA. The extraction of high molecular weight DNA completely eliminates the need for centrifugation or vortexing. Therefore fragments of up to 500 kbp can be isolated.

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PME - Polymer-mediated enrichment

PME Enrichment

This new and innovative technology is a unique patented method for free-circulating DNA or RNA in elevated sample volumes or complex matrices. It works with up to 10 mL of starting material and uses an easy-to handle and time saving procedure, suitable for manual or spin filter-based extraction and automated routines.

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Target concentration Technology


Based on a novel and patent-pending technology that allows for biomolecules (cells, bacteria, viruses, bacteriophages, algae, free nucleic acids, proteins) contained in liquid samples to be concentrated preparing them for various analysis methods requiring small sample sizes.

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innuSPEED Soil DNA Kit 2.0

From filtered seepage water (from plant pots), we obtained more than 10-fold higher yields than with our previous kit. This allowed us to detect our fungal spores from significantly more samples.

Staff of Forest Pathology, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna

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