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The innuPREP TCT Sewage Water Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit has been designed especially for the extraction of DNA and RNA from viruses, bacteriophages or free circulating nucleic acids. Sewage water of different volumes (100 ml - 500 ml) can be used. The kit is based on a novel and patent-pending technology that allows biomolecules (cells, bacteria, viruses, bacteriophages, algae, free nucleic acids, proteins) contained in liquid samples to be concentrated and then made available for various other analysis methods. No filtration, ultrafiltration, ultracentrifugation or PEG precipitation is required.

from € 60.00

The innuPREP TCT Target Concentration Kit Water was specifically developed for the concentration of biomolecules like circulating free DNA and RNA, viruses, bacteriophages, bacteria, algae, protozoa, bacteria and algae from water samples. Fresh water of different origins such as drinking water, surface water, process water, pool water, aquarium water etc. of different volumes (1 ml - 1000 ml) can be used.

from € 30.00