innuDETECT Internal Control DNA/RNA Assay

The innuDETECT Internal Control DNA/RNA Assay is a highly sensitive, selective tool for detecting internal DNA and RNA controls. 


The assay is based on a TaqMan exonuclease assay that yields qualitative and quantitative information for verifying results. Using HEX as a reporter fluorophore makes the assay suitable for multiplex applications. The innuDETECT Internal Control DNA / RNA Assay is universally compatible with all commercially available real-time rapidPCR thermocyclers and with PCR thermocyclers that use a HEX test channel.



  • Flexible for use in all commonly used real-time PCR thermocyclers, accommodating both rapidPCR and PCR formats
  • Based on the use of TaqMan exonuclease assays
  • Highly sensitive and specific for qualitative and quantitative analyses alike

Starting material
Internal DNA and RNA carrier mix controls from nucleic acid purification kits for different starting materials.

Detection of fluorescence and of IC DNA or IC RNA.

Detection time
rapid qPCR (qTOWER): approx. 50 min.
Standard qPCR (qTOWER 2.0 or TOptical):
approx. 2 h

10 or 100
Order information
845-ID-0008010 / 10 reactions / € 26.25
845-ID-0008100 / 100 reactions / € 220.50