innuPREP DNA Kit - IPC16

The innuPREP DNA Kit - IPC16 is the universal solution for using the InnuPure C16 touch to automate DNA extraction from a wide variety of starting materials. Pre-filled, sealed Reagent Strips and/or Plates make the instrument extremely easy to load which is completed within little time. Using a process based on the magnetic particle separation principle, the nucleic acids are then separated, washed and, finally, eluted.
Each Reagent Plate is prefilled and ready to use for 8 samples.


In addition, an optimal combination of novel chemistry and ultramodern instrumentation all but eliminates the risk of transferring magnetic particles to the eluate. High quality and excellent yields characterize the resulting DNA, which is immediately available for subsequent applications such as real-time PCR.

Sample type/Starting material
Tissue samples
Rodent tails
Eukaryotic cells

Automated purification of up to 16 samples when used in conjunction with the InnuPure C16 touch
Based on magnetic particle extraction
Utilizes pre-filled, sealed Reagent Plates and / or Strips
Effectively prevents any potential cross-contamination

Starting material
Tissue samples of up to 20 mg
Rodent tails up to 1.0 cm in length
Eukaryotic cells (max. = 5 x 106)

Average yield
Depends on the type and quantity of the Starting material
Tissues and rodent tails: up to 50 μg
Eukaryotic cells: up to 25 μg

Extraction time
Lysis: 10–75 minutes (external)
InnuPure C16 touch protcol: 45 minutes

Average purity

Low Throughput Device
InnuPure C16touch
16 , 96 or 480 (IPC16 - Plate)
Order information
845-IPP-2016016 / 16 reactions / € 126.00
845-IPP-2016096 / 96 reactions / € 609.00
845-IPP-2016480 / 480 reactions / € 2,467.50