innuPREP Blood DNA Kit - PP Mini

The innuPREP Blood DNA Kit – PP Mini has been designed for the automated isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood using the PurePrep Mini device.


The extraction procedure takes place on the magnetic particle processor PurePrep Mini and allows the parallel and flexible extraction of up 1 to 16 samples. The extraction process starts with sample lysis on the PurePrep Mini followed by binding of DNA on the surface of the magnetic particle. After washing the DNA is eluted in Elution Buffer.

Sample type/Starting material
Blood, fresh or frozen

Starting material

Whole blood (up to 200µl)

Average yield
Depending on sample quality/quantity

Extraction time
58 min

Low Throughput Device
PurePrep Mini
16 or 96 (PP Mini)
Order information
845-PS-0070016 / 16 reactions / € 35.00
845-PS-0070096 / 96 reactions / € 200.00