innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit - FX

The innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit - FX has been specially developed for the automated extraction of both bacterial DNA and viral DNA or RNA using CyBio FeliX. A wide variety of starting materials can be used such as cell culture supernatants, cell-free body fluids such as plasma and serum, whole blood, stool samples, swabs and other relevant materials. 


Thanks to the underlying patented extraction chemistry, the nucleic acid purification process achieves best yields of highly pure nucleic acids with significant time savings. After binding of the DNA or RNA to surface-modified magnetic particles and several washing steps, the final elution takes place in RNase-free water. The resulting DNA or RNA is directly available for subsequent applications such as Real Time PCR. For verification purposes, the protocol also includes a carrier mix containing carrier RNA and internal controls.

To reduce the manual preparation steps for this kit to a minimum, the innuPREP Prefilling Set (OL3317-25-127 available via Analytik Jena GmbH) is also available for automated prefilling of deep well plates with the appropriate buffers and reagents by CyBio FeliX.

Sample type/Starting material
Cell-free body fluids & Cell culture (incl. supernatant or medium)
Blood, fresh or frozen
Stool samples
Organ tissue

One kit for everything: extensive range of starting materials including cell-free body fluids, whole blood and stool samples
Simultaneous purification of bacterial DNA and viral DNA or RNA
High-throughput application for up to 96 samples in parallel
Ideally suited for use in veterinary diagnostics

Starting material
Cell culture supernatant, cell-free body fluids (up to 400 µl)
Whole blood (up to 400 µl)
Stool sample (50-100 mg)
Organ tissue, e.g. spleen, brain, tonsils, lungs, lymph nodes (5-10 mg)

Extraction time
Lysis: depending on starting material used
Extraction: 86 min

High Throughput Device
CyBio FeliX
96 or 480 (CyBio FeliX)
Order information
845-FX-2396096 / 96 reactions / € 399.00
845-FX-2396480 / 480 reactions / € 1,554.00