innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit 2.0 - KFFLX

The processing of diverse starting materials with only one universal extraction kit offers enormous flexibility and is of special interest in all diagnostic purposes. The innuPREP AniPath DNA/RNA Kit 2.0 – KFFLX is optimized for the automated extraction of pathogen DNA and RNA as well as genomic DNA and RNA using the KingFisher FLEX system (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and can handle most kinds of starting material: cell-free body fluids such as serum and plasma, whole blood, nasopharyngeal swabs, tissue and fecal samples. 


Up to 96 samples can be purified simultanously within 60 min. Thanks to the innovative extraction chemistry developed and patented by IST Innuscreen, nucleic acid binding to magnetic particles happens in presence of low salt concentrations and the extraction process results in best yields of pure DNA/RNA.

Nucleic acids finally eluted into the 96-well plate are ready to use for following downstream application such as real-time PCR. The included Carrier Mix composed of Carrier RNA, Internal Control DNA (IC DNA) and RNA (IC RNA) serves as extraction control.

Kit components are limited to reagents required for nucleic acid extraction. Corresponding plastics such as KingFisher FLEX 96 tip combs, deep well plates and elution plates need to be ordered separately via KF FLX Plate Set (845-KF-1296010).

Sample type/Starting material
Cell-free body fluids & Cell culture (incl. supernatant or medium)
Blood, fresh or frozen
Stool samples
Nasopharyngeal swabs
Tissue samples

Automated high-throughput application: Purification of up to 96 samples using the KingFisher FLEX (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Ideally suited for veterinary diagnostics 2 protocols available (highest sensitivity or high automation level)

Starting material
Cell-free body fluids (200 μl)
Whole blood (200 μl)
Fecal samples (50-100 mg)
Swabs from nasopharyngeal samples (e.g. Influenza testing)
Tissue samples (up to 10 mg)

Average yield
Depending on sample quality/quantity

Extraction time
Approx. 60 min

Elution volume
100 μl

High Throughput Device
KingFisher Flex / KFFLX
96, 480 or 960 (KFFLX)
Order information
845-KF-5296096 / 96 reactions / € 215.25
845-KF-5296480 / 480 reactions / € 1,002.75
845-KF-5296960 / 960 reactions / € 1,842.75