CE-IVD Version for diagnostic purposes!
The deltaPREP RNA Virus PLUS Kit - KFFLX can be used to automate extraction of viral RNA from up to 96 samples in just approx. 45 minutes. 


The method is based on magnetic particle separation and on the use of patented extraction chemistry in the KingFisher FLEX system. It can be used for isolating from a wide variety of starting materials, such as cell-free bodily fluids, biopsies, swabs and stool samples. The isolated viral nucleic acids are then available for immediate use in downstream applications. The high quality of the RNA has been successfully tested and confirmed using the TaqMan real-time PCR (after cDNA synthesis).

Sample type/Starting material
Cell-free body fluids & Cell culture (incl. supernatant or medium)
Stool samples

Use of the KingFisher FLEX automation system for running up to 96 samples in parallel
Automated elution into a 96-well plate
Includes Carrier Mix with internal DNA and RNA extraction control

Starting material
Cell-free bodily fluids such as serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (up to 200 µl)
Cell culture supernatant, enrichment medium (up to 200 µl)
Tissues (approx. 1 - 5 mg)
Swab samples
Stool samples (approx. 50 - 100 mg)

Extraction time
Manual lysis: tissue samples only (30 – 60 minutes)
KingFisher FLEX lysis protocol: approx. 20 minutes
KingFisher FLEX protocol: approx. 37 minutes

High Throughput Device
KingFisher Flex / KFFLX
96, 480 or 960 (KFFLX)
Order information
31-DP-2000096 / 96 reactions / € 320.25
31-DP-2000480 / 480 reactions / € 1,281.00